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Don't let pain control your life.

You've got stuff to do, but pain is putting a kink in your plans.

 Unkinked Massage Therapy can help you find the relief you need to take control of your health and conquer the world.

Or your world, at least.

What can massage therapy do for you?

Massage therapy is a powerful tool that can improve your quality of life. 

Whatever you're struggling with, massage therapy likely has something to offer. Here are a few examples of how regular massage therapy could help you live the life you want:

decorative image of person sleeping

Better Quality Sleep

Sleep is necessary for a healthy life, but sometimes it's hard to get the quality sleep you need. A massage can reduce muscle pain and increase serotonin, which allows you to find a comfortable position, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

decorative image of people blowing bubbles in a park

More Fun

Pain can hold you back from enjoying your favorite activities. Including massage therapy in your routine can help you get back to playing with your kids, shopping, hiking, playing sports, attending events, or doing anything else you want without hesitation. 

decorative image of people exercising

More Effective Exercise

You know exercise is good for you, and you're longing to nail that new routine, but muscle pain keeps you from performing at your best. Regain your ability to exercise regularly, speed up your progress, and recover more effectively by including massage therapy in your routine. 

decorative image of medications

Less Pain Medication

Most of us treat occasional aches and pains with over-the-counter medicines, which is normal, but overuse can cause harmful side effects and long-term health problems. You can reduce your need for pain medication by including massage therapy in your routine.   

decorative image of a person rubbing their temples

Fewer Tension Headaches

Chronic tension headaches suck, and many people have them, but did you know muscle tension in the neck and shoulders causes most of them? You can reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches by including massage therapy in your routine. 

decorative image of people having fun with friends

Better Relationships

Pain takes a lot of energy and brain space, making it difficult to focus on your loved ones' needs. So when you reduce your pain with massage therapy, you can put your energy into being a more attentive partner, parent, or friend. 

decorative image of a pregnant person

Pregnancy Symptom Relief

You're excited, but being pregnant is hard. Your body is changing, everything hurts, and you haven't been comfortable in weeks. A pregnancy massage can help you feel more in control of your body and relieve your pregnancy symptoms. 

decorative image of person talking to a doctor

A Sense of Control

Struggling with chronic pain takes a toll on your life and can leave you hopeless and desperate for control. Including massage therapy in your routine is an action step that gives you back your power and helps you feel more in control of your health.

decorative image of a person in distress

Stress Management

Excessive stress is common, but did you know chronic stress leads to 75% of doctor's visits? Chronic stress drains your resources and damages your brain and body. Including massage therapy in your routine is an excellent way to manage stress and can result in fewer stress-related health complications. 

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