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Partner Massage

Bring your partner and spend a relaxing couple of hours improving your communication skills and strengthening your relationship by learning how to massage each other in this partner massage class for beginners.

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Learn the basics of massage therapy in this hands-on partner class for beginners. No experience is needed. I'll guide you in relieving each other's pain and stress until you're confident in your new skill. 


The registration fee is $200 and includes everything you and your partner need for the class. You can bring drinks, snacks, lotion, cushions, tools, or anything that may improve your experience.


To register, click the button below and follow the sign-up steps. Only one partner should register per couple. Be sure you both complete the intake questions before the class.

What should I wear?

Wear clean, comfortable layers that are close-fitting or can be easily removed for the hands-on portion of the class. Athletic gear like shorts, tank tops, and sports bras are best, but we can accommodate almost everything.

Who should I bring as my partner?

Your partner should be someone you're comfortable with giving and receiving massage, who respects your boundaries and wants your relationship to grow.

How big is the class?

Class sizes are limited to four couples. This ensures each couple recieves adequate feedback from me and learns in a safe and cozy environment,

How long is the class?

Each class lasts two hours, and includes 15-20 minutes of explanation and demonstration and 90 minutes of hands-on practice split between each partner.

Is there anyone who shouldn't participate?

Most people can safely receive massage, but some medical conditions require adjustments for safety and comfort, so please complete your intake questionnaire.

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