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Why Should You Get A Pregnancy Massage?

Updated: May 26

For most people, pregnancy sucks. Your organs are being pushed around, your joints are stretching, your feet are swelling, everything hurts, and your center of gravity is long gone.

If that sounds like what you're dealing with, I'm here to help. Pregnancy massage is a specialized form of massage therapy that relieves pregnancy's physical and mental discomfort.

What's different about a pregnancy massage?

Positioning is the most significant difference between a pregnancy and other types of massage. During a pregnancy massage, you're positioned on your side with pillows strategically placed for safety and comfort, similar to how you might lay at home.

Why should I get a pregnancy massage?

Because pregnancy massage can give you some relief! Pregnancy massage can:

photo of pregnancy massage
  • Reduce neck, shoulder, lower back, and hip pain.

  • Help you get a good night's sleep.

  • Improve circulation and reduce swelling.

  • Decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Improve labor outcomes and newborn health

Can I still have deep work while pregnant?

Absolutely! Your neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips need thorough deep-tissue massage. However, it's safest to use lighter pressure on the inner thigh and calf due to the risk of blood clots during pregnancy.

While pregnant, your blood thickens to prepare for labor and delivery, increasing the risk of blood clots during pregnancy. Deep work in the legs could dislodge a blood clot, causing it to travel to the lungs, brain, or heart. Please let me know if you have a history of blood clots.

Is there any reason I shouldn't get a pregnancy massage?

Not usually, but some instances require more experience or different accommodations. This is especially imperative if your pregnancy is considered high-risk. Always inform your massage therapist if you have deep vein thrombosis, problems with your placenta, preeclampsia, or previous pre-term labor.

Can I get a massage after the baby is born?

Yes. You can resume your regular massage routine, though certain circumstances may require modifications. For example, if you have a C-section, we'll use pregnancy massage positioning until your incision heals. Also, if you have breast tenderness due to nursing, I know a trick with rolled-up hand towels that can help.

Until Next Time

During pregnancy, I'm sure you're feeling pressure to be the healthiest you've ever been. I want to take this moment to remind you that small, consistent actions determine our health. I know you're doing your best, which IS good enough. So to help you tune out the nonsense, I created a free downloadable PDF to help you tune out the nonsense and get back to basics. Grab your copy of 5 Easy Steps to Better Health, and click the button below if you're ready to book your pregnancy massage.

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