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How Postpartum Doula Training Enhanced the Pregnancy Massage Experience at Unkinked

pregnant person: how postpartum doula training enhanced pregnancy massage at unkinked

In the chaotic midst of the pandemic, I embarked on a quest for a new skill, unknowingly unraveling personal fears. This post is a heartfelt exploration of that transformative period, shedding light on my fears, the inspirations that fueled my path, and how I've uniquely applied the knowledge I gained to enhance the pregnancy massage experience.

Acknowledging a Deeply-Rooted Fear

Let's get personal. Since my teenage years, the thought of having kids terrified me. Blame it on my ADHD symptoms - the constant need for sleep, overwhelm, irritability, inconsistency, and an ironic perfectionism that convinced me I'm not cut out for parenthood. And then, there were the firsthand glimpses of the messy, scary, and uneven realities of parenting during my childhood.

The Spark: Gratitude in a Massage Room

Enter my massage practice and the prenatal clients who changed everything. Their gratitude, different from anything I'd experienced before, hinted at a more profound need for support. The cancelation calls due to labor were the only ones I looked forward to, signaling the end of the waiting game for them and the beginning of a new chapter.

Discovering the Solution: Postpartum Doulas

As my friends became parents, my excitement turned into a realization that they needed more help than they let on. Enter postpartum doulas - my lightbulb moment. These angels provided research-based information, non-judgmental ears, and a helping hand to make life easier for new parents. I couldn't get enough - devouring books, speaking with other doulas, and eventually signing up for a doula training workshop.

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

Let's break it down. A postpartum doula is your non-judgmental guide, offering a listening ear, practical assistance, and a source of normalcy in the whirlwind of parenthood. From explaining the intricacies of hospital procedures to being a compassionate presence, their role is diverse. Crucially, they don't make decisions for you but empower you with information to make your own choices.

My Moment of Clarity

As I navigated the world of postpartum doula training, I realized my fear of parenting led me to the path I was on. My secret weapon has always been knowledge, and I use it like a sword to slice my fears into pieces.

Delving into pregnancy, labor, and postpartum has been a profound source of personal growth. The knowledge gained has become a beacon, illuminating the shadows of my fears surrounding parenthood and bringing a sense of empowerment and clarity, even if I'm not ready to embark on that path just yet – or perhaps ever.

The Pregnancy Massage Experience

It didn't take long to conclude the on-call lifestyle of a doula wasn't quite my fit. After all, babies show up when they want, not when they're scheduled. However, that doesn't mean the certification was in vain. Instead, the training has become integral to my approach to pregnancy massage. It's a personalized application of the skills and insights acquired, allowing me to provide physical relief and emotional support during this crucial period.

Until Next Time

While I might not be on the front lines of postpartum support, I'm finding fulfillment in applying my doula training to enhance the pregnancy massage experience. It's a personal touch, a unique blend of expertise that continues to shape my professional path in unforeseen yet gratifying ways. Here's to the journey, wherever it may lead. If your journey is leading you toward a pregnancy message, click the button below to book yours.

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