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The Realities of a Sustainable Practice: Why I Don't Offer Specials and Discounts

Updated: May 5

In the service industry, especially massage therapy, offering holiday discounts or new client specials is common. However, for some practitioners like myself, the decision not to provide such incentives is deliberate, grounded in a deep understanding of the value of our time, skills, and dedication to our craft.

why i don't offer specials and discounts

This discussion delves into specials, discounts, and cancellation fees and the choices behind their implementation or absence in my practice. Each decision is grounded in a commitment to fair compensation, mutual respect for time, and an unwavering dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

Why I Don't Offer Specials and Discounts

Offering discounts for special occasions or attracting new clients might seem like a good business strategy. Still, this approach often attracts clients who don't truly value the service and won't become loyal, long-term patrons.

Instead, I prefer clients who appreciate the quality of my work and are willing to pay a fair fee for it. I aim to build lasting relationships with clients who value my time, skills, and well-being. I won't haggle about my prices or policies. Instead, I'll happily refer you to the closest massage franchise.

Charging for No-shows and Last-minute Cancellations

Time is a big deal – it's not just minutes on the clock or a spot on the calendar. It's the one commodity we can never get back. I want clients who understand that booking an appointment is a commitment between us. If someone doesn't show up, it's not just a gap in my schedule; it's a significant chunk of my income for the day down the drain. Charging for no-shows and last-minute cancellations isn't a punishment. It ensures I can continue operating a successful small business, enhancing the massage experience for everyone.

Friends and Family Support

My circle of friends and family plays a vital role in the success of my business. They recognize my countless hours and effort in honing my skills and building a reputable practice. Rather than expecting special treatment or discounts, they actively contribute to the growth of my business by purchasing my services at the established rates.

The support from my inner circle goes beyond mere transactions; it's a relentless promotion of my business. They are my enthusiastic advocates, sharing my content and recommending my services to others. I can never say enough how much I appreciate their belief in the quality of my work and genuine endorsement. It plays a crucial role in expanding my client base and establishing a positive reputation within the community. 

Investment in Expertise

My skill set didn't just magically appear; it's the product of years of dedicated learning, training, and a commitment to continuous education. With over 1,000 hours of massage training, an additional 200 hours of continuing education, and extensive knowledge spanning various fields, my rates directly reflect the value and expertise I bring to each massage session.

Charging a sustainable rate and upholding my cancellation policy isn't just about fair compensation; it also enables me to invest in ongoing education, attend workshops, and stay updated on the latest advancements in massage therapy, anatomy, and related fields.

This investment means I can integrate the latest techniques and knowledge into my practice, providing clients with a more informed and effective massage experience. So, when clients choose to pay my established rates and respect the cancellation policy, they actively contribute to my professional growth.

Community Involvement and Giving Back

Beyond my practice, I actively engage with and give back to my community through volunteer efforts and targeted monetary donations. I believe in fostering connections and contributing to local growth because a flourishing community benefits us all. A successful business isn't just a personal accomplishment; it allows me to play a meaningful role in local development and contribute to the broader well-being of the local economy.

The Realities of a Sustainable Practice

Like any other profession, I have my fair share of bills to manage, and my business is no exception. I carefully calculate my rates, considering the overhead of running a practice, my household bills, and the unique physical demands of being a massage therapist.

It's not just about making ends meet; it's about sustaining a practice that prioritizes the well-being of both myself and my clients. Establishing these rates allows me to strike a balance, ensuring I can deliver top-notch service while safeguarding my health, preventing burnout, and mitigating the risk of repetitive use injuries. It's a commitment to longevity in a profession I'm deeply passionate about.

Until Next Time

Choosing not to offer discounts or specials is a conscious decision rooted in the belief that my skills and time deserve fair compensation. As a dedicated practitioner, I value clients who appreciate my commitment to each session and acknowledge the importance of maintaining a sustainable and fulfilling practice. If you relate to this post and understand why I don't offer specials and discounts, I'd love to have you as a client. Click the button below to book a massage with me.

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